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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cough during pregnancy

Q: I suffered from cough badly. Can someone else also had bad cough during pregnancy? Will it affect my little baby?

A: Yes, I also suffered a lot from cough during my second pregnancy. I consult with my doctor and she said it's quite common during pregnancy and doesn't harm my little genius if we take precautions.

Q: I had persistent cough during pregnancy and it goes on for more than a month. Why is this so?

A: During pregnancy immune system gets weaker due to which any viral catches our respiratory system soon and cause infection. Not to worry visit your gynae and she will recommend you cough syrups that are safe during pregnancy.

Q: I had severe cough during my 7th month of my pregnancy. I want to know if it will harm my baby or not?

A: Do not coughed so hard that it torn your uterus lining and you may have to go for C-section immediately . As you are also suffering a lot take care. Remember to hold your lower abdomen with your hands so that it will give support to your uterus. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy.

Q: What should I do to get rid of cough during pregnancy which is safe for my baby?

A: You must drink warm(mild) water and take some honey and lemon or ginger tea. Ask your doctor for a cough syrup and some antibiotics and have steam with few drops of vicks vapors twice daily and have lots of rest during pregnancy.

Q: I felt painful chest while coughing during 9th month of my pregnancy which causes a lot of discomfort to my ribs and my baby reacts it and try to move outside skin. What must I do in the case?

A: Don't worry its just normal as your baby covers most of the space in your stomach it causes you uncomfortable during pregnancy. Ask your care provider and take some antibiotics safe during pregnancy according to the prescription. Drink plenty of fluids especially warm(mild) water and have some ginger tea or lemon tea. Take rest a lot.



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